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Container Conversion

Cubes and Containers Design Kenya can transform all your imaginations into reality using these magic boxes. We utilize 20' and 40' containers to create the spaces like Offices, Accommodations, Ablutions, Industrial Units, Villas, Retail Zones, Cafe's & Kitchen, Mobile Caravans e.t.c. We work hard to provide our customers with the best possible solution that is ready to use once placed on-site. We understand that often our clients have budgetary constraints. Please don’t let this be a hindrance to getting any container conversion done to the specification of your requirements.    


Custom Fabrication

We understand that clients can be equally creative or limited by a project requirement. We fully consider clients needs.Every modification is done on a customer to customer basis. We want to make sure you get the most out of your storage containers. We go an extra mile of furnishing these spaces upon request.







Trading / Storage

Cubes and Containers Design Kenya at any point of time stocks several of these container units for both conversion, trading and leasing purposes. We offer New and Used 20' and 40': Standard, High Cube, Reefer and tank tainer units for sale and long term lease.

We offer short and long-term storage in our self-storage units, a service which is available to the public for their own personal or business use.All units are accessible weekdays between 08h00 – 17h00.Contact Us for more information.





Concept Designs

Our in house design team is specialized in developing our clients imagination right from the mood board to a realistic layout and achievable design. We believe in bringing out our own flavor and fun to these concepts always keeping the clients requirement at foresight.

We design exactly to your specifications, customizing features like windows and doors, air conditioning, electrical wiring, shelving and paint colours.We pride ourselves on our quality workmanship.Cubes and Containers Design converts new and used marine containers to satisfy a wide range of industrial and commercial space requirements. Whether as Clinics, Solar-powered IT Labs, Pop-up Cafés or extra living space, the possibilities are endless.




Creative Furniture

We also make furniture out of environmentally friendly materials. Some of the materials we use would otherwise be considered as waste. Some of these furniture include pallet seats and beds and tyre tables.

Whether you need a new furniture or your kids are asking for some new outdoor toys, the car tire can become all of them. With just a few simple modifications, that old tire you were planing to throw away can be transformed into something amazing.